Born in Manitoba, Canada in 1942, I traveled in many parts of the world and have been living in Quebec for several years now. I grew up on a farm close to nature. As early as I can recollect, I have enjoyed drawing. My first encounter with art goes back to my early childhood, I was drawn and fascinated by a print of Cezanne ‘The blue vase’ we had at home. My first experience with the paintbrush was by a paint-by-number kit, Gypsy dancers, when I was twelve, it never got finished, too tedious. I preferred doing my own on pieces of cardboard. This is how my passion got started, and went on and on to this day.

My whole life is dedicated to the expression of beauty through art. I believe art to be food for the soul, something that is soul sustaining. I see beauty as something close to God and painting is my way of getting a little closer,  connect and be true to myself.  I have a passion for color, how they relate to one another and to light. Simplicity, harmony and poetry are my constant guidelines in expressing the spiritual essence of what I see and what I want to say..Savour the moment..the gifts of life, love, laughter, joy and serenity…be happy.

At this time, I take my inspiration mostly from the beautiful gardens I come across. On the canvas, the imagination takes over, not saying it all but suggesting, letting the viewer make it a personal experience. I believe that in a painting. subject matter is the window and the essential is not what you see, but what you feel, the capacity to make you travel to an intimate part of your soul to experience this one thing that you could be called home and links you with the rest of humanity and the universe. My art is an invitation to the celebration of Life.


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